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Many of us are aware that Google updates its algorithm on a fairly frequent basis. These updates can have a significant impact on search engine results and your website ranking within them. There have already been substantial changes made to the Google algorithm in 2020, and more may be on the horizon. Based on this, […]

How to Identify Your Ideal Customer Avatar ?

  One of the top ways to succeed in the online world is to identify your ideal customer avatar. Trying to sell to everyone is a sure-fire way to experience major setbacks. Figuring out who your ideal customer or client is isn’t as bad as it may seem. Once you identify your ideal customer and […]

Content Isn’t About Quantity, It’s About Strategy

It’s a simple fact that the internet has become saturated with content. Upon searching a keyword, or phrase, on Google, you will notice that there are hundreds of thousands of results that appear. But, before you rush off thinking that content can’t result in ROI since the search engines are so consumed with it already, […]

5 ways to grow your Online Presence

In today’s digital world, having an online presence as a business is imperative. If you own a business and don’t have an online presence, you could be missing out on potential leads and growth. Building your digital presence is more than just throwing up a website, or a profile page on a popular social media […]

Why Online Reviews and Reputation Management is Important?

Online reviews are something a lot of business owners struggle with. What is the best way to build online reviews, while mitigating any negative reviews that might be received?  Many business owners know they need to get more online reviews but they aren’t sure how to put a review campaign together, or how to incentivize […]

How SEO and Keywords fits into your marketing strategy?

Search engine optimization is vital to your business. In fact, all small businesses should implement it into their digital marketing strategy. While some people may know how important SEO is, it’s now always clear on how and where to add it to their strategy. First, What Exactly is SEO? Let’s back up — just in […]

Top 6 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

Social media marketing is part of the overall strategy of marketing your business that you shouldn’t overlook. It’s one of the most important areas where you can increase exposure and gain trust from your audience. Social media management can’t be done without a strategy, though. While everyone makes mistakes and that’s how you grow, there […]

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