Google rolls out many core formulas updates annually and therefore Google announces many that have a comprehensive impact on the SERP. Based on this, let’s discuss the most essential SEO trends and techniques that we need to know in the current scenario.

1.   Optimization of voice Search:

The world you see today is advancing and expanding technologically. As a marketer, you should be updated with everything happening around you, on the internet, adapt to the new technologies and the ways consumers behave or act towards it. Due to being prolific use of search engines such as vas, Google is placing a higher emphasis on voice search optimization.

2.   Video to content expansion:

In the present scenario, most people are delivering content in video form which makes people to learn more effectively. Based on this, here are the statistics for video content
• YouTube
• Forbes
• Oberlo

3. High Quality and Content Optimization:

That is to say to succeed in 2020, you have to write something valuable and relevant. Besides, you have to make sure content is written in a way it can reach the largest possible target audience. That means making sure associated keywords are present adding Meta and title tags and relevant links.

4. Availability of BERT and its importance:

BERT means Bidirectional Encoder Representation from Transformers. BERT helps to understand what was in a sentence mean, but with all the nuances in a context. It should be noted that BERT is likely to affect 1 of 10 queries that mean errors will be difficult to see in context writing and presentation.

5.  SERPs Will Lead:

SERP is unique for each different search query based upon the keywords and phrases used when a consumer is searching for their results. SERP is important because the higher a company’s website ranks, the more searchers will click on the website.

6. Optimization for Rank Brain:

It is a machine learning process that utilizes AI (Artificial Intelligence) to enhance search results and interpret unique queries. The reason is to keep users satisfied and to serve up results which searchers want and search term doesn’t matter.

7. Mobile UX Power in SEO:

UX style features a powerful and direct impact on your SEO rankings through the varied metrics that search engines use to track user engagement. It helps you perceive however user interaction and interact together with your web site whereas it considers such factors as page speed, mobile responsiveness, menu/header layout, and universal resource locator structure.

8.  Watch Out For E-A-T:

Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness are not separate ranking factors. We utilize signals in different levels as a proxy to show if the content looks similar to E-A-T as individuals would assess it. Of course, it’s a ranking factor.

9.  Data will be worthy and crucial in SEO:

SEO professionals have found that structured knowledge will improve click-through rates by anyplace from 5-30%. Adding schema to your web content could be comparatively straightforward thanks to improving however your web site seems within the search engines and drive a lot of traffic. For anyone that cares regarding Search Engine Optimization Boulder, that creates its price.


When it involves SEO, 2020 is the year of stiff competition through troublesome web site homeowners to earn a major share of organic traffic from Google. However, you’ll get a grip over the competition by staying up thus far on the SEO trends during this article.

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