How SEO and Keywords fits into your marketing strategy?

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Search engine optimization is vital to your business. In fact, all small businesses should implement it into their digital marketing strategy. While some people may know how important SEO is, it’s now always clear on how and where to add it to their strategy.

First, What Exactly is SEO?

Let’s back up — just in case you’re a bit new to this term. It is essentially what search engines use to rank web pages and other content. Depending on how well your SEO strategy is performing, when someone types words into the search bar of Google, your website will (hopefully) appear on the first page for that query.

For example, if you are a lawyer in California and you worked with a professional to get your SEO in order, your website should come up at least on the first page when someone is typing one of your specific long-tail keywords in Google – depending on how long you’ve had an SEO strategy in place and the competition on your keywords..

What You Need to Know About Keywords

Keywords are critical to SEO and how your potential clients find you. Back to that “lawyer in California” example – that person searching wouldn’t be able to find you without strategic keywords placed on your website and other content around the web. While you don’t want to stuff your website full of keywords, it is important to do some keyword research and see what is trending so you can implement that into some content.

Blog posts and website content are a great place to start. Thinking about what your target audience could be typing in Google will help you form new topic ideas and add related keywords naturally into the content.

It’s not just about blog posts and content on your homepage, though. Keywords can be placed on Google ads, Facebook ads, YouTube videos, and other places. That is why working with a digital marketing professional is highly recommended to make sure you don’t miss any opportunities on keyword placement.

Local SEO Should be Prioritized

While Search Engine Optimization in general is important, it is critical if you have a physical business. Back to the lawyer example (again), local SEO is something you shouldn’t neglect. Here are a few ways we can work together on this:

Claim Google My Business listing – Every business can take advantage of a “Google My Business” listing. This listing will show your address, phone number, pictures, and reviews all in one place for people searching.

Manage ratings and reviews – Honest reviews are important to show potential leads what it’s like working with your business. The number of reviews and the quality of those reviews is important to have for local search rankings.

Getting local on your website – What this means is editing your website to ensure your location is naturally written throughout the content, not just on your “contact” or “about” page.

Aim for relevant and quality back links – Any way to get into your local newspaper? Large local blog? Or something else local? This will be good to have as a natural back link to your website.

With other ways to rank with local SEO and other methods, let’s connect to see where the gap is in your business and how we can help you grow. We offer a FREE SEO audit – if you’re ready to attract more leads, contact us on 720-819-6733

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