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Web Design Boulder and development Trends for 2020

The web world is dynamic and ever-changing. Many factors play a crucial role in bringing in the web world to the experience that it offers to its users and the website is one of the prime entity that reflects changing trends.

Web Design Boulder and Development has undergone many changes the static web pages have been now replaced with responsive and mobile-friendly websites.

Users are exploring and using the latest technologies to make web browsing more effective. One of the biggest challenges that a web developer has to conquer is to design a website that runs flawlessly on all sorts of mobile devices.

The 2020 promise to deliver a better experience to web users and if you are wondering how to make your online presence more impressive for the virtual people,

then you must follow the website design and development trend, Boulder. A professional web development agency keeps track of the latest trends and they can upgrade your business accordingly.
Don’t let the changing trends of the digital world scare you, find a professional web development partner and upgrade your business from time to time. The changes do not require a 360-degree change, but with smart modification, one can make their business presence more user-friendly, secure and confident.

Modular website design

Modular website design has made it possible to reuse the component and module to design a fresh web page. It is an improvement over the website template. A modular website is more like a Lego design where each component has to interlock well to create a page. This has made website development faster and cheaper.


Responsive design

A responsive website is no more an option but it has become essential. The growing numbers of Smartphone users have made it mandatory for the website owner to get a website that is responsive in design so that the users can browse the website on different devices without any issue.

Web site with chatbots and customer support

Users demand interaction to get answers for the queries and doubts that they have. Website equipped with live chat support and chatbots could connect with the user instantly.

A website with chat support is found more useful. Hiring a human for live chat support can be expensive, but with a chatbot, one could deal with the users more efficiently. 48% of users use an online bot for connecting with the company. Make your website more user-centric by adding chatbot.


Load time matters

A good business website will load instantly. Google has now accelerated a mobile page that makes its website loading faster on mobile. Even a web page rich in graphics and media would load instantly.

The page would load fast and it will fit well in all shapes of devices, be it smartphones, tablets or another mobile device. The average loading time for the web page coded with AMP is 0.7 seconds, whereas a web page without AMP takes 22 seconds.

Voice search optimization

Typing the search query has now been replaced with a voice search. The growing popularity of Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Echo, and Google Assistance is just a reflection of how the users now prefer voice search


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